Compare Healthcare Costs & Quality of Care in New Mexico

Know what to expect before you walk through the doors. New Mexico Healthcare Compare displays the average cost to Medicaid of nine healthcare procedures at different facilities across the state. Facility quality measures such as patient recommendations and hospital safety measures are also available. The cost and overall quality of healthcare services can vary among facilities, and you may have a choice in where you receive your care. Let’s get started!

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How do I use this site?

Make the most of your insurance coverage by knowing how much health care services cost. The price you pay will vary depending on what health care provider you go to and what health care insurance you are enrolled with.

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Health Insurance Information for New Mexico Residents

At this time, NM Healthcare Compare only includes information on the average costs to Medicaid, but you can use this site as a reference for state average costs for certain medical procedures. Please contact the facility that you are most interested in for what you may be asked to pay. To learn more about insurance options in New Mexico, click the learn more button below.

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What is the methodology?

NM Healthcare Compare provides average Medicaid cost estimates by facility for nine procedures. Together with the cost estimate are quality measures for the facilities, including patient facility recommendation ratings and healthcare personnel influenza vaccination coverage. For more information on how the cost estimates are calculated, click the learn more button below.

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